Committee members

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SarahLouise McDonald, Convenor
SarahLouise joined the committee in 2017, becoming the Convenor in 2019.

Rona Blair, Treasurer
Rona joined the committee in 2016, holding the position of treasurer in 2017-2018, and again in 2019.  Rona works for Pinsent Masons.

Heather McIntosh, Secretary
Heather has been an SLLG member since 2000. She re-joined the committee in 2017, taking up the position of secretary in 2018. Heather is a librarian at Clyde & Co, based in Edinburgh.


Kirstie Hustler
Kirstie joined the committee in 2018. She works in the Advocates Library in Edinburgh and is part of the serials team. Kirstie principally looks after the journals and updates the loose-leaf publications. She started in May 2017 and has only just stopped getting lost in the maze of buildings which together make up the Faculty of Advocates. In her spare time, Kirstie teaches seated dance classes for elderly people. Her interests are art, cats, Nordic noir and, her colleagues will tell you, gin.

Katharine Calder
Katharine joined the committee in 2018. She has worked for the Advocates Library since 2010, becoming more active in the SLLG in the last few years. Her professional specialist interests are book repair and conservation. This is no surprise given that one of her main hobbies is making props for a local amateur drama group.


Committee roles

Office Bearers

The main responsibility of the Convenor position is to act as the official voice of the SLLG. They ensure members are updated on SLLG related news. The Convenor will also take responsibility for organising training events, where appropriate, and any other tasks that are necessary for the smooth running of the Group. They co-ordinate Committee activities. They draft and submit the responses of the Group on official consultations or topics that affect the interests of group members. They chair Committee meetings and the Group AGM. They report on the activity of the Group over the past year during the Group AGM.

The main responsibility of the Treasurer is to oversee the correct management of the Group’s finances. They receive and process payments from members and non members for Group activities. They liaise with the Secretary and Group event organisers to invoice members for membership dues and event attendance fees. They issue expense payments for costs incurred by Group activities. They ensure that the accounts are audited annually. They report on the finances of the Group over the past year during the AGM.

The main responsibility of the Secretary is to oversee the Group's diary and ensure events and meetings are timetabled appropriately in the subscription year. They maintain and distribute the official membership list of the Group. They manage the validity of online access for members to the Group website. They canvass for items before setting and subsequently distributing agendas and materials for Committee and AGM meetings. They take minutes during Committee and AGM meetings and upload those materials to the Group website for all members.

Non-Office Bearer roles


Website administrator

Liaising with the web developer, the Website administrator maintains the functions of the SLLG web pages.


Blog editor

The blog editor ensures the Group blog is regularly published to. They are responsible for generating content and ensuring it is of an accepted standard to be of interest and enjoyment for members to receive.


Activities undertaken by all Committee members
Liaising with speakers and venues to create events for members; managing bookings and catering for events, publicising Group events; attending Group events and providing articles on them for the Group blog; contributing to the social media utilised by the Group; undertaking any projects for the benefit of the group which may arise.