Introduction to Wikipedia for Librarians


Introduction to Wikipedia for Librarians


Wednesday 24 July 2019, 11.30am-1pm


The MacKenzie Building, 172 High Street, Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh, EH1 1QX


SLLG members are invited to attend a Wikipedia information session led by Dr Sara Thomas, Scotland programme co-ordinator for Wikimedia UK.



This event is designed to:


- demystify the process of how information gets onto Wikipedia;


- address common concerns about reliability;


- explain the encyclopedia's guidelines around verifiability, reliable sources and conflict of interest as well as Wikimedia UK's interest in information and digital literacy; and


- explain how and why Wikipedia wants librarians to get involved.




RSVP instructions are included in the invitation email. Non-members may wish to become an SLLG member in order to attend.



Many thanks


SLLG committee